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Basic Polyaluminium Chloride


Polyaluminium chloride has the properties of adsorption, coagulation and precipitation, and the stability of polyaluminium chloride is poor. Toxicity and protection are corrosive. If it is accidentally splashed on the skin, rinse immediately with water. Production personnel should wear work clothes, wearing masks, gloves, wearing rubber boots. The production equipment should be airtight and the workshop ventilation should be good.

Technical parameter

Appearance gray or black particles

Analysis items

Analysis result

Analysis items

Analysis result



PH(1% of solution)




Water insoluble1% of solution



1、the use should be based on water quality test, select the best effect of water purification, small amount of the best point. The solution should be used in accordance with the actual situation, the non drinking water should be selected according to the actual situation.
2、The use of a solid, first water dissolved into 10-25% solution, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration, when dissolved in water slowly feeding, and continue to stir.
3、Different manufacturers or different brands of water treatment chemicals should not be mixed, and not with other chemicals stored.
4、The solution and diluent are slightly corrosive, but lower than other inorganic flocculants.
5、Product effective storage period: liquid for half a year, solid for two years. Solid products are still available after tide.
6、After reasonable dosing, the purified water meets the sanitary standard of drinking water.
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